About Joe Bunting’s Character Test

How do you live a better story?

If you’re a character in your life, what kind  of story are you telling? Is it any good? How can you make it better?

Character Test is a podcast by Joe Bunting that explores what it means to be a good  character.

Each week, it puts a character from a novel, film, or book to the test, asking, Is this a good character? What makes them good? What lessons can we learn to make our own lives better?

Character Test is hosted by Joe Bunting, a bestselling author and leader of The Write Practice, a large community of creative writers. You can learn more about Joe by listening to his episode here:

Guests to the show have included New York Times bestselling authors, US Navy SEALs, activists, editors, and bestselling children’s  book authors (if you have a guest suggestion, let us know on Instagram (@jhbunting) or through the contact form.

You can find out how to subscribe here, or enter your details below. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!