I’ve written a new book, an adventure story, set in Paris, called Crowdsourcing Paris. Because it wasn’t enough to visit Paris. I had to have an adventure there too. Crowdsourcing Paris: Memoirs of a Paris Adventure, coming to Amazon and Barnes and Noble on October 22.

In this episode, we test the characters from the show Blue Bloods, interview magician and author Nate Staniforth, and how to make it as an artist.

We begin the episode by testing the characters from the hit show Blue Bloods, now in it’s 10th season. (After a month of Netflix binging, Joe is in the fifth season.)

Then we talk to Nate Staniforth. Nate is best known as a magician, he cohosted a Discovery Channel show called Breaking Magic, has a YouTube channel, and performs a magic show all over the US.

Nate is also the author of Here Is Real Magic, a memoir of how he fell in love with magic, became a professional magician, got burnt out, and rediscovered his love for magic by traveling to India to see street performers. Find Nate’s work here:

In this interview, we talk about wonder, what it is, why it’s important, how we lose access to it, and how to reconnect with it. If you’ve ever thought, why as adults don’t we have the same ability to experience true joy and wonder, this interview is for you.

In the last part of our show, we talk about how to make it as an artist.

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